The Girl Behind The Doll:

Qahira “Vee” Kassam (aka The Quirky Doll herself,) was born in Ontario Canada and has been obsessed with fashion for as long as she can remember. She completed her studies in the style capitals of the world (Paris, London, and Milan), and currently has internationally recognized diplomas in Fashion Design, Fashion Editorial Styling, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Image and Communication, and Fashion Business. She is also certified in makeup artistry.

Apart from her obvious love for bows and Lolita fashion, Vee is also a big fan of the arts, and enjoys spending her time wandering in art galleries and going to the theatre. She currently resides in London, England and owns over 60 bows and counting. You can reach her at info@thequirkydoll.com or follow her on social media @thequirkydoll

The Brand:

The Quirky Doll is an online independent Womenswear Boutique and fashion line, featuring quirky little dresses and high fashion millinery (such as hair accessories and bows).  Run alongside a fashion blog focused on “doll like” styles and trends on the runways around the world.

The name comes from the English term ‘Quirky’ which is often referred to as something unique, different, playful, or cute. While the ‘Doll’ comes from the brand’s image which is to dress charmingly and femininely; similar to a doll.

This brand new label focuses on a fun and modern twist to a ‘Victorian Doll’. Heavily inspired by the Japanese subculture ‘Lolita’; whether one is familiar with the style, or are simply looking for something unique, they can be sure that The Quirky Doll will have something that suits them perfectly!

All clothing and accessories are original designs by Qahira Vee Kassam, and everything is handmade! Styles range from playful to elegant, all while keeping with the main theme of dressing like a doll on any occasion.

*The Quirky Doll has since been featured on the cover of FÈROCE magazine as of May 2017

The Mission:

The Quirky Doll truly believes that beauty is derived from the way you feel, not just the way you look, and has always hoped to be able to help inspire others to look and feel beautiful. Whether it’s through exploring the blog, styling advice, or shopping the brand; The Quirky Doll is eager to help make a difference in the fashion community, and is looking to make an impact with an innovative and visionary statement in every ensemble created.

There are so many girls out there who are different, and they shouldn’t have to hide their individuality behind mass produced clothing. They should be able to express themselves, and feel good about how they look. That’s who TQD wants to cater to. For the fashion-forward people who want to look girly, but without playing it safe. For the people who are inspired by high fashion, and aren’t afraid to stand out. For those who see the world differently, and shouldn’t be ridiculed for it. The Quirky Doll wants to design for everyone who’s beginning to find out who they are, and who they want to be in life.